Evaluation criteria

1. ORIGINALITY AND INTEREST: The article makes an original, interesting contribution. Reviewers will assess them paying particular attention to such aspects as the journal’s scope, the thesis statement as featured in the proposal, the knowledge gap the article fills in, the formulation of the research questions, the methodology used and the conclusions reached.

2. INITIAL FORMULATIONS: The author successfully reviews a good selection of works previously published in the field, including the latest sources.

3. THEORETICAL APPROACH: The theoretical framework chosen adequately supports the research presented.

4. DEPTH OF ANALYSIS AND METHODOLOGICAL RIGOUR: The article makes an accurate use of theoretical concepts, is methodologically consistent and uncovers interesting implications that can only result from a thorough analysis of data.

5. RESULTS: The proposal is solid, reaching interesting results which are convincingly discussed. It successfully addresses the thesis statement with a correct use of up-to-date critical sources.

6. STYLE AND USE OF LANGUAGE: Organization of contents and correct use of language. Clarity, elegance and conciseness of style. The article meets the formatting criteria.

Contributors are encouraged to submit article proposals with a high percentage of up-to-date references (last 7 years – immediacy index) and a good impact factor (Q1-Q2 in JCR and SJR, Q1-Q2 in SPI or other international databases). Self-citation will be negatively assessed, unless properly justified. External reviewers will consider the immediacy index of the works cited.

Publication malpractice: Oceánide is committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and takes all possible measures against any publication malpractices. All authors submitting their original work to the journal attest that their contribution is not a copy of another work and has not committed plagiarism, be it total or partial. Any departure from the above-defined rules should be reported directly to the Editorial Board.