Terms and conditions

EThese terms and conditions of use apply to individuals and institutions accessing Oceánide and, where appropriate, are subject to participation in the agreement between an affiliate and user, or as a user of an institution or university. If you have any questions about your membership or participation in an institution, please contact your librarian.

• 1. Definitions:

"Authorized Users" means:

1. ppeople who are affiliated to a corporate licensee, as defined below. This includes

a. Licensees educational institutions (such as schools, universities and schools): Currently enrolled students (including distance education students), members and visiting researchers, staff full and part time, and those users who wish to register from our web space without intermediaries ("Walk-In Users");

b. museums, foundations, government agencies, companies and nonprofit organizations, and Institutional research center Licensees: full-time staff or part-affiliated and visiting researchers and lecturers, as well as Walk-in Users;

c. as Institutional public library Licensees: full-time staff and part-time, the users in this case is subject to the restrictions that the library of each school please consider to protect your user account;

2. members of scholarly societies or subscribers of the journal and

3. other users with an agreement established with the Spanish Society for the Study of Popular Culture or Oceánide, through a tacit agreement.

• 2. The use of hosted files in Oceánide

• 2.1 Permitted Uses: Institutional Licensees and / or authorized users can search, display, reproduce, download, print, execute, and distribute articles, book reviews, and rear covers, and other discretionary as tables of contents or summaries provided they meet the restrictions set out in section 2.2 and respecting the terms and conditions of use of Ocean. Permitted Uses may be carried out under the responsibility of the licensee institution providing access to a user, except for authorized users by individual. Other permitted uses may also be undertaken safely for specific purposes:

a. research activities;

b. teaching or training activities related to teaching and organizational activities in the classroom;

c. tasks assigned to students;

d. as part of an academic exercise, cultural, educational or organizational, presentation or workshop, if such use conforms to the custom and practice in the field;

e. on an ad hoc, commercial free content exchange with a person who is not an authorized user for collaboration, comment, or academic exchange of ideas;

f. in research or thesis, including reproductions of the thesis, provided that such reproductions are only for personal use, library deposit, and / or exclusive use within the institution (s) with the authorized user;

• 2.2 Prohibited Uses. Institutions and users may not:

a. use or authorize the use for commercial purposes, including charging for service for the use beyond reasonable printing or administrative costs. By way of clarification, "commercial or profit" does not include research whose final use is commercial.

b. alter, conceal or remove any copyright notice or other powers include in its platform;

c. attempt to override, circumvent or disable any encryption software used for data protection;

d. systematic and print or download Content indiscriminately;

e. use, display, performance, reproduction or distribution that exceeds or violates these terms and conditions of use;


f. incorporate content in a database or web site without restrictions, unless the authors or other content creators can add their content on those sites with permission from publishers and other rightholders;

g. ddownload or print, or attempt to download or print an entire issue or issues of the journal or substantial portions of the roll of a specific number;


h. reproduce or distribute any content in bulk, such as the inclusion of course content packages, electronic reserves, or organizational intranets.

• 3. Intellectual Property Rights

The Archive of Oceánide and his trademark, copyright and copyright and registration of applications, the rights of the ideas, designs, works of authorship, derivative works, and all other intellectual property rights (collectively, "Intellectual Property"). Institutional Licensees and authorized users in the use of Oceánide does not involve intellectual property rights except the limited rights set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Use.

• 4. Access, Support, and Security

• 4.1 Institutional Responsibility of licensees:

Institutional Licensees shall make reasonable efforts to ensure the access is limited to authorized users to protect data of this indiscriminate use. Institutional Licensees notify any misuse of this service through cooperating with written notice in troubleshooting or fraudulent use not permitted by third party users. In the case of violation of these terms and conditions of use by an Authorized User (a) we may suspend or cancel, or, where possible, request that the institutional licensee suspend or cancel your access, for example, (b) we may suspend or terminate your access to the Internet Protocol ("IP") (s) or other means of authentication and authorization if a fraudulent or unauthorized use of our platform, and / or (c) licensees may apply to their institutional the imposition of further reasonable restrictions on access and downloading and printing articles. We make reasonable efforts to contact the institutional licensee before any suspension or termination becomes effective access to restore access promptly if both parties agree.

• 5. Content withdrawal.

Oceánide shall, as far as possible, minimize inconvenience to users by the withdrawal of content. If, however, we are forced to remove any content in a shorter period of time, the Society shall not be liable for damages caused to its users after early withdrawal.

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