The Spanish Society for the Study of Popular Culture SELICUP

The Spanish Society for the Study of Popular Culture (SELICUP) was born in an attempt to become a forum of scientific exchange among scholars and researchers in Spain and abroad sharing the enthusiasm for the study of popular culture.

Our scientific approach is partly based on the emerging trends of thought, such as Literary Anthropology, Cultural Studies and Literary Sociology, involving an interdisciplinary approach that approximates literature, documentation, and cultural resources both diachronically and synchronically.

Nowadays, the study of literature and popular culture involve dealing with universal concepts such as hegemony, ideology, polysemy, subcultures, ethnography, Gender studies, the Queer Theory, Postcolonialism, Multiculturalism, Globalization, Cultural materialism, Media studies, New technologies, Film studies, Diasporic studies, Civilization and culture, and so on. From SELICUP, our aim is to contribute, to an extent, to the consolidation of Popular Culture as a scientific area per se, in contrast with what has been defined as mass and elite cultures.

For more information, please contact our website:

University of A Coruña,
Faculty of Philology,
Campus de Zapateira, s.n. 15071
A Coruña, Spain.
Telephone: (+34 981167000).