Quality criteria for e-journal publishing

1 .- Reference to the Editor: The journal mentions the existence of an editorial board, or scientific authority.

2 .- Scientific content: Over 80% of the contributions published consist of: a) original research articles, b) technical articles; c) conferences papers; d) letters to the editor or short articles, e) review, state of the art contributions, and so on. In every case, contributions should be coherent with the scientific objectives of the journal.

3 .- Steady generation of new contents: The journal generates new content within a year.

4 .- Identification of the contributors: Articles are included with the authorsí name, and affiliation.

5 .- Editor Board: The journal comprises this information in a visible place. It also comprises contact methods such as the email or postal address.

6 .- Mention of the director: The journal comprises the director of the publication, its editorial board or equivalent.

7 .- URL Mention of the magazine: The journalís URL are visible at every time.

8 .- Postal Address: The journal shows relevant information such as the postal address or e-mail for management purposes, subscriptions, article submission, and so on.

9 .- Navigation and functionality: The journalís navigation structure allows a maximum of three clicks access to abstracts and articles.

10 .- Frequency: The journal is compromised with a continued annual frequency.

11 .- Access to content: The journal facilitates the presence of the table of contents and abstracts in different databases.

12 .- Access to content history.

13 .- Bibliographic note at the top of the article: Article are identified with its complete bibliographic reference at the beginning of each link in order to easily identify the source.

14 .- Members of the editorial board: The journal shows the presence of the editorial board of the magazine.

15 .- Institutional affiliation of editorial board members: Affiliations have been provided on each section of the journalís staff, specially on the editorial board.

16 .- Authors' affiliation: The journal shows the authorís affiliation.

17 .- Receipt and Acceptance of proposals: Articles are published with the date of receipt, acceptance and publication at the top of their reference.

18 .- ISSN.

19 .- Definition of the journal: The journal clarifies its aims and main target subjects.

20 .- Selection System Ė Peer review: The journal has a specific procedure for the selection of manuscripts and their publication. They are specified within the webpage.

21 .- External evaluators Ė Peer reviewing: the institution or magazine editor sends each paper proposal to, at least, two anonymous external reviewers.

22 .- External Contributors: More than 50% of published contributors come from outside the editorial board.

23 .- Enforcement of periodicity.

24 .- Original Content: More than 80% of the articles are research papers, or original scientific communication.

25 .- Instructions to authors: instructions for submitting contributions are reflected on the submissionís section, at least once a year.

26 .- Citation Style Guidelines: Specific Citation Style Guidelines are published in teh submissionís section of the journal.

27 .- Originality: The journal clearly states the authorís compromiso with original research material in the submissionís section as well as in the journalsí presentation.

28 .- Abstract: Every article is accompanied by an abstract in its original language.

29 .- Abstract in two languages: Abstracts in a second language (preferrably English) is included in the article.

30 .- Keywords: Keywords are included in the original language of article.

31 .- Key words in two languages: Keywords in a second language (preferrably English) are included in the articles.

32 .- Search Engines: The journal supports a search engine powered by Google, allowing article, contributors, and word searches, using Boolean operators.

33 .- Value added services: The journal provides video, music and images, as well as news, alerts, hypertext links, and external links.

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