Publication rights

Article 1.- The aim of the journal is to promote and to spread research in the field of popular culture, as well as to encourage inter-agency communication and the culture of reading.

Article 2.- The editorial board is committed to safeguard the author’s work and to make it available only for the members of the editorial board and external reviewers.

Article 3.- The author undertakes to respect the decision of the editorial board when the proposal is denied or approved for the publication. When the board decides to offer recommendations, the author is free to take on them or not. In case of not assuming these recommendations, the author can express his or her reasons to the board, which will evaluate them and give a final answer.
In case or receiving and affirmative answer, the author might be asked to review the printing proofs within the time set by the editorial board.

Article 4.- The author preserves all the moral rights about his or her work. The editorial rights will correspond to the editors and the SELICUP Society.

Article 5.- The journal is not responsible for the contents of the articles published. The nature of the contents are the sole responsibility of the author/s. Authors' accept full responsibility and damage caused with their opinions.