Journal Scope

After the reevaluation of mass culture in the 1970s, as well as the interest in such diverse media as graphic novels, television, or Internet, the divisions between high and low culture have been increasingly blurred.

This journal focuses specifically on this blurred space that analyses popular culture in Europe, including issues such as folklore, race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, or censorship, either in literature manifestations, or in mass media, fashion, sports, music and other areas.

It also features special articles on cyberculture, media theory, popular/mass cultural studies, ethnography, postcolonial studies, or postmodernism.

The aim of the journal is threefold. On the one hand,

(a) it comprises the theoretical and practical study of Popular Culture.

(b) the critical analysis of literature, arts, cinema, folklore, music or performance in the human tradition up to present times, with special emphasis on European communities and their interaction.

(c) the critical analysis of the Western literary canon in European literature, with emphasis on the Western literary canon in Spanish and English.

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